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The Holloway Case...


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I've been watching MSNBC a lot the past few days, because of the late baseball games.


Anyway, the lead story from all but one of their primetime shows is the Natalie Holloway case, which I thought had finally faded from the front page, until Thursday.


Apparently the FBI would rather go search for an almost certainly dead girl, than deal with terrorism threats.


Meanwhile, the Karl Rove/CIA Leak case has fallen to the 2nd story, but it's still ahead of the Supreme Court nominee story.


What I don't understand is the media obsession with this case, when this isn't the only young girl who has disappeared, never to be found, in the Caribbean.


I find it hard to believe that stories like the John Roberts nomination, the CIA Leak Case, and the London Bombings are playing second fiddle to the disappearance of one girl on a tropical island.


Somebody needs to wake the FBI up.

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Guest markotsay7

This has always been the case - Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, Elizabeth Smart...


My dad would sometimes break in when we were watching the news a couple years ago and say "This just in! Chandra Levy...still missing."

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FOX News Alert!!! The Natalie Holloway search goes into its 56th day and authorities say they are.....looking for her.


2 minutes later:


FOX NEW Alert!!! The Natalie Holloway search continues today and her parents want her to be found.




Yup, that's about dead on.


It's getting to the point where it reminds me of the Elian debacle, where each news station had a reporter camping out at his Little Havana home 24/7. Every time he came outside, they would file a report.


"Elian's coming out of the house...he's getting on his tricycle...oh no! He's fallen off and has run inside! More at 11."

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