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3/9 Marlins vs. Orioles


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Bottom of the 1st inning


A.J. Burnett is the starting pitcher today


Jerry Hairston Jr. up to bat...


Hairston strikes out.. Melvin Mora up to bat now...


Mora strikes out on a high pitch.. back to back strike outs.. David Segui now up to bat..


Jimmy Rollins says the Marlins' pitching staff can throw you a heater and then suddenly can throw that big woo-woo... the curveball..


Segui gets a base hit to left center.. Jeff Conine the DH up to bat now..


Burnett balks and Segui moves to 2nd..


Conine out on a fly ball to left...


On to the Top of the 1st... 0-0..

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Top of the 2nd


No score...


Derrek Lee, Al Martin, and Robert Straton...


Pat Hentgen the pitcher for the Orioles..


Up to bat now.. Derrek Lee.. and he skies one to Melvin Mora... out!


Now up to bat Al Martin...


Martin lines a shot to left! Single... He's 6-14 in ST..


Robert Straton up to bat now..


Straton swings hit the fly ball to center field.. and Mevin Mora grabs it...


2 outs.. Martin at first.. Ramon Castro up to bat..


Al Martin steals 2nd..


Castro grounds out to the pitcher..


No runs, one hits..


0-0 Heading to the Bottom of the 2nd..

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Top 3 Marlins 1-0


Alex Gonzalez infield hit

Jason Wood sacrifice hit

Alex to 2nd

Pierre singles

Gonzalez to 3rd

1st and 3rd , one out

Pierre steals 2nd

Runners on 2nd and 3rd ,one out

Kevin walks

Bases loaded , one out

Jong-Soo Shim Sac fly to left , Alex scores

D. Lee k's

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derrek has to learn to get behind in the count. he is behind in the count 70% of all of his at bats he is behind the count. u see he struck out.


he cant hit from behind the count.


f*** DERREK!!!!!!! C'MON MOTHER f***ER

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