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Ricky Williams: "I never really was away''


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Ricky Williams wonders what all the

fuss is about.


Williams, who returned to the NFL on Monday night with a

mediocre performance ? 8 yards on five carries ? in Miami's

27-24 loss to Chicago in the Hall of Fame game, made it sound

as if he never left the sport.


Was that one-year retirement in which he, well, dropped

out, a mirage?


??It doesn't seem like I was gone, not even a week,'' the

former NFL rushing king said. ??Everywhere I go, I hear

'Welcome back.' But everywhere I have been, I have always

been with myself. I'm with myself now more than ever.


??It's funny people say 'Welcome back' when I haven't gone



He didn't go much of anywhere against the Bears, but it

was the first of five preseason games and the Dolphins got

their starters and second-stringers off the field pretty

quickly. By the second half, Williams was relaxing on the



But Williams will need a lot more work this summer because

he must sit out the first four regular-season games under an

NFL suspension for violating the league's substance abuse

policy. So to be a factor this season, he'll need a lot more

out of the preseason than he got against the Bears.


Won't he?


??He looked fast, quick,'' coach Nick Saban said. ??I was



He probably was in the minority. Williams never came close

to breaking into the secondary. He was brought down easily

when hit and slipped on one play where he had a little bit of

running room.


Yet Williams thought it went well, right from the first



??You always think it is going to be worse than it is,''

he said. ??And usually when it happens, it is just a guy

grabbing you. That's what it was.


??I honestly didn't feel like I had anything to get over

with. To me, it was just another day.''


With first-round draft pick Ronnie Brown, chosen second

overall, still holding out, Williams figures to get a lot

more work in the coming practices and the next exhibition

game, at Jacksonville on Saturday. The Dolphins also are

trying to figure out their quarterbacking situation and

solidify their offensive line, so the tailback spot hardly is

the only one in question.


Williams says he still has a hunger for the game.


??My passion for football will never go away,'' he said.

??My coming back is more about a passion for life. But to be

controlled by your passions, you are not going to be a very

happy person. You are going to be running around chasing it.

I'll try to keep my passion in balance.''


Williams entered against Chicago on Miami's second series

and had a 2-yard run. He had another 2-yard run and gained 2

yards on a swing pass on which he stumbled during the next



In the second period, Williams had runs of 3, 2 and

minus-1 yards. The blocking in front of him was shoddy.


The old Ricky might have made more out those carries, but

it's early and the game didn't count in any standings. He

felt the camaraderie was more important for now.


??The big thing was being on the sidelines with my

teammates,'' he said. ??It felt like I had never been away.


??My life might look complicated to others, but it's not

complicated to me. Maybe it looks that way from the outside,

but it isn't.''



WOW this guy has to be messed up in the head.....damn

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Well, he can definitely be pretty obtuse sometimes.


Yes, Ricky, you really, really were away.


On a separate note, he looked like 2003 Ricky last night--which is to say, mediocre. It's possible he won't break a tackle all year.


You expected alot out of a guy who hasnt played a contact sport in over a year?


His body weight has to be 25-30 lbs. under his normal playing lbs right now.


I think the extra for weeks heh as off will give him the chance to bulk up and get back to his normal size.


I think he will suprise people this year.

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