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Congratulations Anthony Reyes


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Like I said, it's nice to see the Cards finally using that pitching depth they have in the minors. Reyes, Thompson, Haren last year. And I know it is an exciting thing to see, the same feeling we get watching Vargas and Olsen. My only negative comment is: He is a weird lookin dude.

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Anthony Reyes k's Ankiel from Memphis Record Books


Today just a couple minutes ago Anthony Reyes' return to Memphis was remarkable. Guess what he does..


7 IP, 0 ER, 2 H, 0 BB, 15 K, 0 HR..


Why is this special you ask...


The Memphis Redbirds record for strikeouts in a game was 14 by Rick Ankiel.. Not anymore. History was made today..


Sad thing is.. He's not gonna win as Wes Obermueller is pitching great and it's 0-0 after 7 and appears Anthony is done for the day. He went past his pitch count..

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What's up with Wainwright? When is he planned on getting to the majors?



Wainwright is struggling very badly recently. He may have a bit to go. He was pitching awesome earlier this year but seems to have worn down. That was the case with Reyes and he's on a pitch count now. If they can ever last a full year they'll both be up.. I just think Reyes has the way better potential.

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