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Just got back from road trip....


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Ok so they went 3-1 in the 4 games I went to, should have been 4-0 except the first game I went to (game 2 of the brewers series) was mared by horrible Defense. I was wondering why LoDuca was not starting most of the games. Treanor started 3 games in a row, was LoDuca hurt? Overall I had a blast I had planned to only go to 3 games, game 2 and 3 of the brewers series and game 1 of the Cubs series. But when I got out of Wrigley field after game 1 I went to the front of the stadium to take some pictures and I noticed a guy in the ticket booth looking at me so I walked up and decided to ask if they had any tickets available for Saturday's game. To my amazement not only did he have a set of tickets available but they were row 3 right behind 3rd base for $60 a pop. I had seen those same seats selling for like $300 on eBay and other ticket scalping sites. So I bought them and went to game 2 of the Cubs series to see Dtrain. It was damn hot but a beautiful day and those seats were amazing, man what a road trip, the Marlins never let me down when I go to games. :) I will post some pictures later on, gotta get back to work for now.

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