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RAW 11/14


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The matches were immaterial here, but I thought HBK/Rey stood out as a great match, with Angle/Shelton coming in second....The "Eddie Moments" were a nice touch, and you could really see how talented he was. I think he could've been a good crossover star to TV/movies a la Steve Austin. I really think that....


I'm surprised Eugene didn't use any of Eddie's moves.....As for the tributes, the ones that got me most were Benoit and Batista. Benoit because you knew how close he was to Eddie (and like some, I'm surprised he held it in that long); and Batista because I totally did not see that coming.

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and Batista because I totally did not see that coming.



I guess Batista's got a live promo on Friday, too... It'll be something to watch.


Rey/Michaels was awesome. But, the wrestling moment that REALLY stood out was Angle taking that flipping suplex off the top. I was just screaming "Holy sh*t" in my mind. Those two should fued.

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