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Makes No Sense... Money does not pan out


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Okay, so we have some sources saying that the Marlins will slash payroll 25% next season. That would put us at a bit under 50 million for the 2006 season. Here is a breakdown. Please feel free to add to this




League Minimum Rookies


Josh Johnson

Scott Olsen

Jason Vargas

Jeremy Hermida

Robert Andino

Josh Wilson

Josh Willingham

Chris Aguila



Bargain Players Under 1 million or a bit above:


Miguel Cabrera

Dontrelle Willis






These 10 players will account for less than 5 million dollars against the 2006 payroll. That leaves the Marlins with 45 Million for 15 players. There is no way that the Marlins will strip the entire team, because the payroll will be much less than 50 million.

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Cabrera and D-Train will be well over 1 million dollar range after arbitration this year...you can expect D-Train to be in the 4-5 M range and Cabs will be close to that


Then saying Willis and Miggy get $5 million each, you have $35 million to get 15 more players. That's more than $2 million a player.

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rferry is there a cutoff, because both came up the same year?


Service time is counted in days, not calendar years. Willis came up sooner and earned enough service time over the next 2 1/2 seasons to reach the 17% threshold among players between 2-3 years of service time to become a super-two and recepient of an early extra year of arbitration eligibility.

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