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Magic wearing their throwbacks too much?


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The superstitious Orlando Magic believe that wearing throwback uniforms has brought them luck in the form of three home victories.


The practice also could bring them a fine from the NBA.


League rules say that selected teams can wear throwbacks a maximum of 10 times this season.


If the Magic keep winning and wearing them at home, they will be over the limit soon and subject to disciplinary action from the fashion police.


The Magic say they have been contacted by Christopher Arena, vice president of apparel.


Didn't know the league had a VP of apparel, huh?


Shouldn't be surprising during a season in which the NBA came out with a dress code for players.


Anyway, the Magic want to keep wearing their white pinstriped uniforms from their inaugural 1989-90 season until they lose at home -- and that could cost them.


They're seemingly fine with paying any fine, as long as they keep winning at TD Waterhouse Centre.


The Magic first wore them Dec. 10 and beat the Denver Nuggets. Then they donned them again and defeated the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night and then the New York Knicks on Wednesday night.


They will wear them again tonight when they host the Minnesota Timberwolves (14-12).


Arena did not return a call to his office in New York on Thursday.


NBA spokesman Tim Frank said no action had been taken against the Magic for their role in Uniform-gate, but he adds that rules are rules.


The Magic already are committed to wearing replicas of their old jerseys for seven games this season as part of the NBA's "Hardwood Classic Nights" promotion.


Only the game against the Nuggets was designated as a "Hardwood Classic Game."


After wearing them the two previous games, the Magic would reach the league-mandated limit tonight, with the upcoming promotional nights factored in.


Putting the throwbacks on for their next home game Jan. 7 against the Charlotte Bobcats -- and possibly thereafter -- could get them in trouble.


The pinstriped problem began when the club wore the throwbacks against the Bucks after longtime equipment manager Rodney "Sid" Powell suggested it might help break a four-game losing streak.


Powell said Thursday that Arena called to ask him if the Magic were going to keep modeling their throwbacks.


"He [Arena] told me, 'If you wear them, I have to make a call,' " Powell said. "They [the league officials] think it's good that this is getting the attention it's getting, but the other teams will want to do it, too.


"There are rules you have to abide by."


Powell laughed and said, "Are we breaking the rules? Yeah. But I asked [Coach] Brian [Hill], and he said, 'Have fun with it.' "


NBA officials don't want to come across as humorless ogres. But the league doesn't have much fun with what the Magic are doing when expensive marketing campaigns are tied to what players wear on the floor and when they wear it.


The league wants Champs Sporting Goods, which is sponsoring the league's "Hardwood Classic Nights," to remain happy.


Powell said he understands how a team wearing their throwbacks as they please could diminish a sponsor's promotion.


And it might even wear thin with the league.




This is so f***ing retarded. BTW, they won again tonight against the Timberwolves with the throwback unis.

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NBA is a friggin' joke.


As long as the Magic keep winning, I hope they wear the throwbacks. I guess the NBA thinks that wearing the throwbacks too much is a nod to "gangsta rap" culture and the players will become more thugified as they wear them more frequently.

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