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Major coaching shakeup at UM


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Glad to see Werner gone, though I'm actually upset they fired Kehoe.


I would have rather they had fired Coker, but now I figure this means the administration has decided to take a different approach. I guess I can see it from their shoes, considering they had just given the guy a big extension...I just hope they know what they're doing here.

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Guest Juanky

I'll take it, a shakeup was very necessary. Werner was a must I believe. Kehoe was a surprise but I think it isn't that shocking considering the O Line's play. I think he gets a job somewhere else though.


Hargreaves surprises me. I didn't expect any of the defensive coaches to go, even though they played really bad in the Peach Bowl, with such a showing in the regular season. We'll see who they can get to be the O coordinator.

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Im totally pissed off at the firings of Kehoe, Solinger and Hargraves. Werner needed to go and UM needed a scapegoat after that aweful loss the other night.


But Kehoe, Solinger and Hargraves have done nothing but produce NFL players year in and year out....i think the Canes made a drastic mistake that will end up biting them in the ass with these three coaches

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wow talk about a kick in the backside and good luck after forever of work.


Kehoe just was horrible to see fire. He is what built alot of the dynasty's at UM over the years. His ability to get the best out of offensive linemen often. Just wow there that is surprising.



the others I am not very worried over as much.



Dan Werner can I help you pack?


Don Soldinger being fired is just STUPID. He has turned how many backs into amazing backs in the NFL? He is really making guys turn into top notch backs. Why would they fire him. Is it his fault that their RB got busted?


Is it his fault that they decided to have Hester become a running back to run against the number 1 defense without letting him get alot of practice?


Just dumb.

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So it turns out that Coker was the one who decided to fire these guys.


Judging from his comments in the wake of the Peach Bowl massacre, in which he wrote off the loss as just an 'aberration,' claimed that his players didn't quit on him at all during the game (who knew?), and casually dropped mention of his won-loss record as a head coach, I think it's pretty obvious he's trying to cover his ass and find any scapegoat he can.


It's kind of disgraceful that he'd fire guys like Kehoe and Soldinger partly in an attempt to cover for his own failures as a head coach. Those are two coaches you know are going to be highly coveted, not only for their coaching skills, but also for their recruiting success down here. I seriously hope this move doesn't end up hurting us in the long run.


Said Coker: "The last five years have been a good five years record-wise and with consistency. My concern is the next five years and the direction we're going."


Looks like we're in agreement here.

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JOSEPH: Firings should keep Coker off hot seat - for now

Published January 3, 2006


Don Soldinger never held anything back while serving the University of Miami.


You might not have liked what you heard, but the Hurricanes' assistant coach was always a straight shooter and you knew where you stood. That didn't change on Bloody Monday.


After being told in the morning by coach Admin Coker he was one of four assistants being fired, Soldinger asked Coker the same question anyone else would have -- why?


"He said he didn't want to get into specifics," Soldinger said Monday afternoon after fielding calls from a number of former students, including former running back Frank Gore. "The only thing is ... if I was handling the situation I guess I would have done things a little different. I worked with and for [Coker] a long time.


"Hey, he knows what he's doing. I guess I don't fit into his plans. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Admin Coker. I wish it was two ways. Maybe it is."


Perhaps Coker fired offensive assistants Soldinger, Art Kehoe and Dan Werner and linebackers coach Vernon Hargreaves to infuse the program with some spark. But there's reason to believe that Coker's chopping of heads was an attempt to save his own.


Call it self-preservation.


No matter how many ways you look at it, there's no way you can honestly believe the Hurricanes are better without Soldinger. The same could probably be said for Kehoe and Hargreaves.


Let's see, all Soldinger did during his years as an assistant at Miami was develop one of the country's strongest running games and backs Edgerrin James, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis and Gore.


As for Hargreaves? Well, there were those first-round draft picks Jonathan Vilma and D.J. Williams as well as all-world Dan Morgan. And how is it that a guy like Kehoe can suddenly become incapable of coaching when he did the job for Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson, Butch Davis and Dennis Erickson?


"It's the nature of the business, I guess," Soldinger said.


But there's something troubling about what occurred at UM. Soldinger and Kehoe were lifers; they would have given blood for the program, and they had a successful record. So doesn't it seem odd that the only time in more than two decades they haven't been able to develop talent is during Coker's regime?


Yes, part of the problem was Werner's offense. But Coker must take a bigger share of the responsibility. It's his teams that have lacked emotion the past two years, and it's Coker who has failed miserably in recruiting the kinds of players the Hurricanes program has been loaded with in the past.


But Coker's biggest crime Monday was copping out, not once but twice.


First, he owed his staff, every single one of them, an explanation Monday as to why they were being fired. His inability to provide one (at least to Soldinger) seemed to indicate there wasn't one.


But Coker spoke as if he was above the program, above criticism.


He said, "Our performance hasn't been up to our expectations." He also added, "This program deserves better."


But isn't Coker's job as head coach defined as being the one in charge to bring the program's performance up to expectations and to get better? Coker is driving the bus, not Soldinger or Kehoe or anyone else.


No question, Coker's job is in jeopardy. Anything less than an ACC championship next season and he'll be looking for work next winter.


Unfortunately, what Coker didn't understand Monday was his best shot to save his own head was with coaches like Soldinger and Kehoe by his side.


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I never liked him and I never will.


We need a FireAdmincoker.com or BringbackDavis.com


GRRR I am really really really not happy here over this.


Kehoe, Solinger should never of been fired like that and you give guys of that caliber reasons!!!



This is very disappointing and upsetting as someone whom has gone there.



GRRRR Screw you Admin coker.

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Kehoe and Werner talk with Mississippi


OXFORD, Miss. ? (AP) ? Mississippi head football coach Ed Orgeron has met with former Miami offensive coordinator Dan Werner and assistant head/offensive line coach Art Kehoe in his search to fill two positions on the Rebels' staff.


Werner and Kehoe were both fired by Miami coach Admin Coker on Monday. Both confirmed to The Clarion-Ledger newspaper of Jackson that they had talked to Orgeron.


Neither would confirm they have been offered positions at Ole Miss, but said they will meet with Orgeron at the American Football Coaches Association convention next week in Dallas.


"He and I are going to talk about it and see if it fits,'' said Werner, who spent two seasons at Miami. "I've

had a lot of friends throughout the years that have worked at Ole Miss and I've heard a couple different things about it.''


Orgeron knows Werner and Kehoe from having worked on the Miami staff as a graduate assistant in 1988 and defensive line coach from 1989-1992. Werner was a graduate assistant with Orgeron in 1988 and a volunteer assistant in 1989. Kehoe, who also played at Miami, had been part of the program for 27 seasons and has five national championship rings.


On Tuesday, the Miami Herald reported Kehoe was contacted by Orgeron within hours of his firing and offered the offensive line job at Ole Miss.


"I don't know if I can elaborate on that,'' Kehoe said Tuesday. "I don't know what Ed's plans are with his coaching staff and I don't know if I'd be stepping out of line if I told somebody his plans.''


Kehoe told The Clarion-Ledger he would be "very interested'' in joining Orgeron's staff.


Orgeron is trying to fill spots vacated by offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone, who was fired, and tight ends coach Matt Luke and offensive line coach George DeLeone, who left for other schools.


When contacted Tuesday, Orgeron would not comment on his coaching search.

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