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Sam goodbye :( Gus back ?


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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. ? Welcome to the off-season, and numerous questions about the Dolphins' roster.


It's expected to be a busy period because coach Nick Saban will have his first full chance to mold the team.


"It's always too difficult to know who will be back and who won't," linebacker Zach Thomas said. "If Junior Seau can leave San Diego, anybody can leave anywhere. ... Hopefully, I can still play here because this team is still on the rise."


Quarterback Gus Frerotte said he hopes and plans to return as the starter. He probably would have to restructure his contract. Under terms of the deal, which has one season left, he would earn $6 million.


"My desire is definitely to be part of this team,'' Frerotte said. "I enjoy the guys, enjoy the system. We have some great players and guys that have come a long way.


Cornerback Sam Madison said Thursday he does not expect to return because of what he is scheduled to be paid in 2006 ($3.1 million) on a deal that goes through 2007.



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Gus will start for us next year because:


1. We'll draft a QB and need him to season behind Gus for a year or so.

2. He already knows the system

3. The crop of FA QBs sucks pretty bad (assuming Brees gets franchised)

4. He's got some great chemistry with Chris Chambers


Sam is gone, but I'm not too upset. He's past his prime and commands a pretty big salary. I'll miss the good times, but it's a move that must be done.

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Gus will be back and so will Sam Madison......

Seau will also be back,all corners and Safety's will be gone except for Shulters....Ricky Williams is not going anywere unless someone gives us a 1st or 2nd pick.......I see this team in real good shape next season cause we are way under the salary cap which means getting CB's, OL, and other wholes we need to fill......

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Sure, Gus will be back, but only b/c his piss-poor play against Barfalo and the Jets was overcome. Had Sage never led the charge to win that game, Captain Headbutt would have been run out of town on the next bus after that game.


Plus, Peyton Manning started his first season. No reason to believe any QB the Fins plan on drafting can't start from Day One. Well, unless that QB happens to be a 2nd-rounder or later, then it's back to Captain Headbutt.

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