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Palm Beach Post Article


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Pretty Interesting... One not that is that Wayne wants this done by the Super Bowl in 07', THERE IS GOING TO BE NO ROOF ADDED!


But there going to redo the concourses which is a great thing! When it comes to our stadium the food BLOWS! I mean when I went to Tropicana Field and Turner Field I was amazed that there was so much to eat and do in the stadium. I mean Turner Field had its own "Cartoon Network" is the the stadiunm so the kids can play...


This has to be done to dolphins stadium to make it more apealing. As far as the Fish staying there they need to meet with him and try to get something done in the meantime

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Interesting article on Dolphins Stadium Renovations just posted on Palm Beach Post. Now if only the

Marlins and Wayne could get together and re-work such an unfavorable lease, plus figue out how to

pay for a Retractible Dome we have New Stadium Amenities in the best location... :cool






Here's the Sentinel's version of the same story...


Sun-Sentinel Article

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Until there's some pressure on him, I don't think Huizenga view the Marlins as anything but a whipping boy. He has his stadium. He has his Super Bowl, if not guaranteed as much as he'd like. He has the Marlins' revenue indefinetely.

We all hope for someone to swoop in and save the Marlins, but no one's that generous. Not even Miami-Dade County, Las Vegas, Portland, etc. will do it unless they think they can earn more back in parking and an increased tax base. Certainly, Huizenga's not going to that person since he stands to gain nothing he doesn't already have.

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Bailey said the improvements have nothing to do with the Marlins, who are committed to play at Dolphins Stadium for two more seasons but are seeking a new home. He said both Marlins and Dolphins games will be played without major inconvenience to fans.


Marlins spokesman P.J. Loyello said team president David Samson had no comment on the plans.


While the project will be bigger than the recent renovation of Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers, Wiedmeier often referenced it when attempting to explain the Dolphins' plans.


He did not discuss the cost of improving Dolphins Stadium ? which was completed in 1987 ? but the Lambeau project cost $295 million.



Goodness, if this project is over 300 million it really demonstrates how Huizenga's on a completely different level economically. That kind of money just for a makeover would almost fund the Marlins entire stadium.

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