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First ticket deal of the season, HALF PRICE tickets for April 12th vs.


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The first Marlins E-Saver of 2006 features Miguel Cabrera and the Marlins taking on Mike Piazza and the San Diego Padres on Wednesday, April 12.


See the Marlins-Padres game on Wednesday, April 12 for half-price. Get Terrace Box seats for only $10.50 (regular weekday price $21) or Infield Box seats for only $16.50 (regular weekday price $33) a savings of 50% off per seat!


To order, select the number of tickets next to "E-SAVER" and to the right enter the E-SAVER Password: GESV. Take advantage of this great offer on floridamarlins.com by 8:00 a.m. (ET) Wednesday, April 12. Limit six tickets per order.



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i think having 1/2 off on day games is good enough. last year they barely got 15k out on a day game even if the tickets were 1/2 off.


On that note, I think I'm going to the Cubs day game just so I can get 1/2 off behind homeplate. =]

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Is it me or is the link to Ticketmaster not working??



It's not working.

I think I fixed the link, but if it doesn't work just go to the schedule page on www.floridamarlins.com and click on the T next to the April 12th game and you can enter the password there.


Unfortunately I can't go that day :( .

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