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1 dollar for a drink


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Dont know if this has been posted but here it is anyways.



Two guys have 1 dollar and they want to get a drink. "How can we afford a drink" says the first guy. The second guy grabs the dollar and says follow my lead. He goes to a hotdog stand and buys a hotdog for a dollar. "What are you doing" says the first guy. "Just follow my lead" the second guy replies. The two men go to a bar and order two shots of rum. After they drink them the second guy unzips his fly and tells the first guy to get on his knees and start sucking it. The bartender throws them out after he sees what is going on.

The men proceed to do this 4 more times. After the 5th round of drinks, the first guy says to the second guy "I cant drink anymore I am starving". "Not me" says the second guy, "I ate the hotdog three bars ago"

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