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Taking a look back at the winter trades...


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I know there is a thread already looking after our top prospects but I figured I would make a new one for the players we acquired in the overhaul this offseason...


without further adieu


I figured I would do my first real star watch by taking a look at all the prospects we got in the overhaul this offseason.


The first deal we?ll take a look at his the one between the Marlins and Yankees. The Fish sent veteran lefty pitcher Ron Villone to the New York Yankees, for lefty pitching ?prospect? Ben Julianel. Now prospect is in quotes because Ben seems a little old to still be considered a prospect at age 26. He was decent last year at AA- Trenton posting a 3.90era and 1.57 whip in 46 games. The Marlins really liked Julianel?s slider and after starting only 25 games in his minor league career, they felt comfortable enough making him a starter in AA Carolina. In 4 games(3 starts), Ben has a 0.96era with a record of 0-1(talk about tough luck). In 18.2 innings, he has given up just 11 hits and 3 walks while striking out 11. In 6.2 innings for the Yankees, Villone has a 2.70era(where was this last season?)


Next trade on the list is Juan Pierre to the Cubs for pitchers Sergio Mitre, Ricky Nolasco, and Renyel Pinto. Mitre has been fairly solid for the Marlins so far as our number 2 starter. In 4 starts this season, he is 1-2 with a 4.56era. He is having trouble with 1 big homerun per game(besides his first start). If he can keep the ball in the park, his era will lower by atleast a run. After going 14-3 with a 2.89era last season in Double A, Nolasco had a strong spring training and made the big squad. In the bullpen as of right now, Ricky has a 4.50era and 1.83whip in his first 6 major league innings. Walks have been killer for him, walking 4 guys in his brief appearances. With current #3 starter Brian Moehler stinking it up like it?s going out of style, it appears Ricky might get the nod if Moehler 1) has another bad outing or 2) the Marlins just decide they have a better chance with Ricky starting than Big Mo. The third member of the Cubs coming over in this trade was lefty starting pitcher Renyel Pinto. The big concern with Pinto has always been his control, or lackthereof. So far in AAA Albuquerque, Pinto is having a lot of success, but not because of his control. He has walked 17 in 19.2 innings pitched so far, yet his era is a beyoootiful 2.29 in the hitter?s haven. He has only given up 12 hits and none of them for homeruns. He has also struckout 19. Maybe he is in his ?effectively wild? mode, but those walks still scare me. Juan Pierre is currently hitting .278/.297/.347 with 2rbi in 72 at bats for the North Siders.


I figured I would bunch the 2 Mets trades into one big one. The Marlins sent Paul Lo Duca and Carlos Delgado to the Mets in exchange for Mike Jacobs, Gaby Hernandez, Dante Brinkley, Yusmeiro Petit, and Grant Psomas. As we all know, Mike Jacobs has been struggling so far in his first full major league season. In his first 53 at bats in a Marlins uniform, he has 3 homeruns and batting just .208. Atleast he is still getting on base, walking 7 times(.333obp). Right now the league has him figured out. He needs to make adjustments, and I think he will. Otherwise, Jason Stokes might be getting more than ?just a look? in the next few months. The Marlins also go 2 very good young arms in Yusmeiro Petit and Gaby Hernandez. Petit is currently in AAA Albuquerque(along with Pinto) and is doing a very good job. In his 4 starts, he has a 2.70era in 23.2 innings. He is keeping the walks down(5), and has allowed 21 hits. Many scouts believed and still believe, that Petit just doesnt have the ?stuff? to keep dominating like he has been his entire minor league career. Although he has struck out 15 batters, the one minor cause for concern is the 4 homeruns allowed already. But because the Pacific Coast League is a homer-haven, it should be the only thing to be concerned with at this point. Did I mention he is all of 21 years old? Can?t wait till he gets to Miami. The other arm in this combined blockbuster was local product Gaby Hernandez. Through his first 39 minor league games, his era was a stellar 2.78. The only real trouble he had had was last season in the Florida State League at the end of the year when he went 2-5 with a 5.74era. For the Hammerheads in 2006, Hernandez is 1-2, with a 7.11era in 19 innings(4 starts). He has given up 26 hits, to go along with 8 walks while striking out 16. Right now, location is a problem for Gaby as he keeps leaving pitches up. As we get closer to summer, I expect these numbers to improve dramatically. The Marlins also got 2 hitters in return, besides Mike Jacobs. The first is infielder Grant Psomas. Coming off an exceptional year in both low-A and high-A ball in 2005, Psomas has started off strong back in high-A with the Hammerheads. Through his first 52 at bats he is at .327/.397/.500 with 2 homeruns and 6rbi. If he can continue to hit like this over the next month and half or so, he should see a promotion to Carolina, sometime in mid-late June. The other hitter was Grant?s teammate in St. Lucie and Hagerstown, outfielder Dante Brinkley. It appears as thought Dante is hurt right now, as he just has 12 at bats in 3 games for the Hammerheads. Carlos Delgado is enjoying his time in New York, as he has 8 homeruns and 18 rbi in 18 games for the Mets. Paul Lo Duca is doing what Paul Lo Duca does? providing great leadership will being a .290 hitter? boring.


Arguably the worst trade of the offseason was between the Marlins and Minnesota Twins. The Marlins sent their golden son, Luis Castillo in exchange for pitching prospects, Travis Bowyer and Scott Tyler. Braden Looper?er?or? I mean Travis Bowyer came over with some fan-fare as there was a chance he could be the Marlins closer to start off 2006. Whoops. In his 7+ spring training innings, he had a 7.36era. Bowyer allowed 11 hits and 7 walks in his brief spring appearance. Since then, Bowyer has been having arm issues and has yet to pitch for the Isotopes down in AAA. Not Good. The other half of this travesty?. trade was relief pitcher Scott Tyler. The former 2nd round pick has had his share of troubles in the minor leagues and has yet to live up to the hype surrounding him when he entered minor league ball. In his first stint in AA ball, he has been impressive with a 0.00era in 4 innings. He has walked 4, while striking out 4. Luis Castillo his hitting .404 in 47 at bats for the Twins thus far. Ouch


Finally we get to the mother of all trades. The Marlins sent Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, and Guillermo Mota to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Hanley ?Shadez? Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, Jesus Delgado, and Harvey Garcia. Hanley has been everything as advertised and then some. Coming into Spring Training, he had a chance to be the everyday shortstop with a strong spring. He did that. The question was if he could continue it to start the season with the big club. After 69 at bats, he is hitting .333/.387/.580 with 2 homeruns and 3 stolen bases. His defense is still a bit shaky but he has been one of the more impressive rookies in the big leagues this year and is so much fun to watch. The more heralded of the 3 pitching prospects the Marlins got in return, Anibal Sanchez has also lived up to the hype in AA Carolina. In his 4 starts, he has a 2.48era to go with a 1-2 record. His 23:7 strikeout to walk ratio is very promising and the fact he has given up less hits than innings pitch(19-22.2) is also a very good sign for the future. There were talks that Anibal might eventually move to the bullpen, but as of right now he is being used primarily as a starter. We should see him in Miami sometime before the season is done. In 7 games out of the bullpen for the Hammerheads, Jesus Delgado has been awesome. In his first season in the FSL, Delgado is sporting a 2.70era to with 15 strikeouts to just 4 walksin 10 innings. The longball hasnt been a problem either, has he has yet to give up a big fly. The last piece of the trade was fireballing right hander Harvey Garcia. Harvey has been the most impressive of the bunch yet. In his 5 appearances, he has yet to give up a run or a walk. He has struck out 11 while giving up just 3 hits and recording one save in his 7 innings. This trade really stung the most(although, the way these prospects have been playing, it doesnt hurt nearly as much), and not because we were giving up Mike Lowell. We all knew Josh Beckett was something special, and he is already proving us right in Boston. In 4 starts, he is 3-0 with a 2.54era and 1.02whip. The strikeouts are down, but he is off to a fantastic start. ?Former? Mr. Marlin Mike Lowell is hitting .277 with 1hr and 9 doubles for the Red Sox. I dont miss him. Guillermo Mota was shipped off to Cleveland by the Sox and I could care less what he is doing right now. Man, what a bust he turned out to be for us.

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Ummm...I think it's time for everybody to relax a bit on the Castillo trade. To call it a travesty is a bit premature. Let's give the Beinfest & Hill the benefit of the doubt on this one until July or August at least. I mean c'mon...Bowyer has been hurt and Tyler has been fine. Sure Luis is off to a hot start...but let's re-visit things in August when Luis is broken down and Bowyer is healthy. Until then I'll reserve any rush to judgement.


Otherwise...great piece Ramp.



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It was a travesty trading Luis for anyone who is not named Albert Pujols. Ok, so he wasn't that good, but I jsut felt like Luis was the one guy who was worth his money to this franchise and the guy they should have kept as a transition player. Will we ever see a career Marlin? Conine seems to be the closest we'll ever see.

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