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DJ arrested after threatening child on air


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By Jeanne King


NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York hip-hop disc jockey was arrested on Friday for endangering the welfare of a child, two days after he was fired for racist and sexually threatening comments about a rival's wife and 4-year-old daughter.


Prosecutors and police said Troi Torain, who goes by the name DJ Star, had surrendered and been arrested by detectives from the Hate Crimes Unit. He was also ordered to surrender his gun license and a handgun.


Torain, 42, was fired by Clear Channel Radio's Power 105.1 station on Wednesday for what Clear Channel said were "wholly unacceptable" comments.



The remarks were made in several broadcasts since May 3. Torain used racial slurs about Gia Casey, the part-Asian wife of a disc jockey at another radio station, Raashaun Casey, known as DJ Envy, who works for Hot 97.


He also offered listeners $500 for information on the whereabouts of the couple's child and implied he wanted to sexually abuse and urinate on the child.

Benjamin Brafman, Torain's lawyer, said his client had been charged with aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child, misdemeanors that could potentially incur a maximum sentence of a year in jail if he is convicted.


Brafman said Torain had apologized for the comments but said they were the culmination of a long-running verbal battle that had "spiralled out of control."


"For days prior to the statements attributed to DJ Star, DJs at Hot 97 were threatening him, taunting him and making offensive remarks about members of his family, even going so far as calling his mother a prostitute," Brafman told Reuters.



Link for complete story http://today.reuters.com/news/newsarticle....&src=rss&rpc=22


''implied he wanted to sexually abuse and urinate on the child.'' ????? Wow..... :o

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This intrigues me because these are the same types of threats made in rap songs and yet you don't see 50 Cent getting arrested for hating on Ja Rule's family.


I want to know the line that seperates spoken word from words spoken over music.


While I don't necessarily agree with the dude's comments, especially the stuff about the kid and wife (though I've heard similar stuff in rap music) I'm not sure how this line should be drawn. As I stated before, he's not guilty of doing something thousands of other MC's have done.

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Guest marlins02

oh sh*t i was wondering why his show wasnt on the air for the last week. i remember it was on last tuesday, i slept in wednesday morning and thursday it was gone. he liked pushing the line and i guess he finally crossed it.

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