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Well, I have been looking through my Marlins thread on CardsClubHouse.com. It's gotten quite large, 25 pages and 370 replies. To say that it is one of the larger topics on that forum is probably not a stretch. It was started before the firesale, where I remained upbeat. I thought that 2006 was going to be a great year to be a Fish fan. I thought WS gold was a nice possibility. Losing douchebags such as The AJ and Encarnacion, a hopefully healthy Seabass, Dontrelle coming off what should of been a Cy Young year, Big Tex coming off his best season, Vargas an impressive freshman campaign and Hermida looking like everything he was supposed to be.


I was full of hope. The thread initially drew ire because of St. Louis not experiencing WS gold in 23 years while we had 2 in our very short lifetime. I felt their pain, as a vast majority of their fans are my age or younger, meaning born right around or after their last triumph in the fall classic. And I personally sought not to rub it in, merely as a thread in the correct forum of their website, a friendly thread, to discuss the laurels of my favorite team.


Despite the slight grumbling about the world series drought they were facing, it was mostly friendly discussion. Baseball fans going back and forth, no ill will towards either party for the most part. But then the proverbial sh*t hit the industrial fan. Players gone, maybe never to be seen in teal again. Depressing, sure, but that wasnt the best part. The friendly back and forth baseball discussion turned into venom and sometimes non-stop trash talk about the Fish who I hold in such high regard. At times, it was hard for me, the lone Marlin fan amongst a sea of red, to defend the actions of my team. I did my best. They rallied behind everything from Big Tex being shipped out, The AJ signing away, to as recent as the stadium situation, wherein the common "your market sucks and you dont deserve a baseball team...have fun rooting for the San Antonio such and suches". Even with the progress on the stadium front, they would not relent. The tax subsidy bill failing in the final mintues with no overtime in sight was the most recent demoralizer they tried to heap upon me. Even as I tried stating, citing all of the great info that Festa and CapeFish have provided all the members of this great board, that this wasnt the setback they all thought...instead calling the two "groundskeepers with no real info". This lead to me calling their head mod a smartass, which wasnt well recieved. Go figure.


But the one thing that the thread made me realize was how my hopes and dreams for the immediate future, and the futility in those dreams, was not completely lost. Yes, I would say I am still somewhat bitter about what has happened over the course of the last offseason and throught the present season. But more than anything, with the young talent currently waiting for their time in the South Florida spotlight, and the ever increasing optimism of the stadium situation being resolved in the city of Hialeah, I can say that I am more excited about what the future holds for our young but improving franchise. I realized that we could of had 1, or maybe 2, years worth of success MAYBE had the team stayed the same, the same team that underachieved over 2 seasons after the last WS, but with the situation our FO HAD to put us in, no matter how unliked, gave us what could be a decade of prolonged success when the time finally comes.


So, overall, I would like to thank the Cardinals fans of that board, for their overall ignorance to the Marlins and their situation, and their unneccessary venom filled insults, because you guys made me realize that what transpired over the last few months was not something to be truly mad at, yet optimistic. Why settle for 1 or 2 years of possible yet not likely success with aging players when I can back a stable of talented young guys hungering to prove the rest of the league and fans just like you wrong.


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I didn't read through the whole thread, HR27, but I gotta say that you really didn't start off on the right foot. In fact, it seems to me that you started off like a troll, rubbing it in the Cards fans' faces that their team hasn't won a WS since 1982 while the Marlins have won two.


Whatever caused you to go onto the Cards board talking about the Marlins anyway? How would YOU like it if some Red Sox fan came onto this board and started boasting about how good the Red Sox are and how they've won a WS title more recently? I guarantee you that that person would be regarded as a troll and would be flamed a lot more brutally than you were (at least at first) on the Cards board.

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That wasnt in their main forum. That was in their general baseball, or game of baseball forum.


And if memory serves me right, I never brought up the two WS until they dogged my team.



Here are the posts:


I will say this MF you are nothing if not persistant....Perosnally I like the Marlins and think they are very young exciting group of ball players. I hope they play well, but I also hope they don't even sniff a WS because I want next year to FINALLY be the Cards year.


Welcome David Eckstein!!!!


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Etheridge2 wrote:

I will say this MF you are nothing if not persistant....Perosnally I like the Marlins and think they are very young exciting group of ball players. I hope they play well, but I also hope they don't even sniff a WS because I want next year to FINALLY be the Cards year.



We have inhaled two in the last 8 years. I personally dont want to wait another 6 years in between. 3 years is enough. I guess it is better than 23 years though, and that wasn't intended as a cheap shot by any means...just meaning I hope we never go anywhere near that long inbetween titles(if that offended anyone, I apologize, it wasn't meant to, basicially saying how I can see how yall feel...that long in between would almost kill me, heck these last two season killed me).

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MF84/Spike/Hermida Rules, I think it's funny you've been called out as being a troll on your own board rather than on the Cardinals Board (I am also a member there under the same name) where you are accusing them of being unfair to you. People treat you poorly because you bash their team, I remember your signature about the Cardinals being able to win in "every month except October",


There are other team threads on CardsClubhouse (CCH), and the only reason "yours" is the most popular is because you stir things up with a lot of your posts. If I recall correctly, that thread has constantly been on the verge of being locked, and you've also been suspended from CCH on a couple occassions. You have very little credibility on that site; so little that you've resorted to coming here to make people feel bad for you.


The treatment you get at CCH is a result of what others in this thread have described as trolling. I made it clear from Day 1 at CCH that I was a Red Sox fan, after the 2004 World Series no less, but I made it very clear I was just there to talk baseball and not brag or toot my own team's horn. You've been the antithesis of that behavior; called out on two boards, one being your home field, and I can assure you I'm not the only one at CCH who has noticed.

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