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My Redskins


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Guys I want to fight with:



Rod Gardner

Bruce Smith

Jesse Armstead

Fred Smoot

Champ Bailey

John Hall



I am too pissed to explain why I hate each of these players but if you saw the game I am sure you would agree with me. Yes I would probaly get my a** kicked by everyone on that list except for maybe Hall but I would still like to go a round and see what these guys are made of.


I feel like crap right now. It's like someone ripped my heart out and shoved it in front of my face. I am going to puke now



We tied a team record for penalties and had 9 dropped passes (Phuck you Gardner you b!tch!). I believe it was about 17 penalties. Do you blame the coach for this?


Only positives I got out of this game


Ramsey- Top 10 QB no doubt about it. He can take a pounding. A number of players really have a lot of respect for the guy. Toughest QB in the league by far.


Coles- 3 straight 100 yard games nuff said


Canidate and Betts look damn good


IMO I really think we are a better team than the Giants but a poorly coached team. Spurrier needs to do something about all these penalties if he can't do it then he needs to go. Jimmy Johnson could be next on Snyders wish list.


I am going to hit the weight room to get this anger out.



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