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Fantasy Football League Draft!


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My best time for the draft right now is Friday anytime. I can't do it before because of work and school obligations. If you guys would rather have it on Saturday sometime thats fine with me, but please everyone in the league give me your input here.


NOTE: If you cant make the draft, create a list of your top players and private message it to me or some other member in the league so we can pick for you. If you are not able to do that I will pick the best available player for you on your position in the draft so don't worry about losing your team because of time constraints.


The draft is tentatively scheduled for Friday/Saturday, but I will wait for some input from league members. It will be held, live, in the marlinsbaseball.com chat room. There will be a limit of one minute per pick so have a cheat sheet handy when the draft starts.


Please feel free to make any suggestions to this format. It is not final.



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sorry i cant make it for this leagues guys....



thanks for hte invite though.

NP Das. If you really want to do it you can still give me your e-mail and ill invite you. Create a team and give me a list of players to pick for you...or I will pick the best available player for your draft position. Up to you, I hope you join up! Just pm me your e-mail addy.

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