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most eagerly anticipated xbox 360 game


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i was just wondering what xbox 360 game, members here at MB.com are looking forward to the most...personally, for me...its NCAA 07, Madden 07, and Splinter Cell Double Agent...also kinda want to see what the superman returns game has to offer as well as the 3 WW II games coming out(brothers in arms, call of duty 3, and Medal of Honor)

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I'm going to be honest, and I'm not hating at all, but aside from sports games this system doesn't offer me much. I've been doing some research, gamewise, and their library is still lacking in a lot of areas.


That being said, I'll probably get NCAA and Madden, maybe Lego Star Wars.


They still need that breakout game/series or whatever to come out for the 360 because it hasn't happened yet.

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Immediate future - NCAA 07


Further in the future:


Gears of War - Looks amazing

Call of Duty 3 - Everything great about Call of Duty 2 only much bigger and custom made for next gen.

NBA 2k7 - They are making this game from the ground up for 360 unlike last year which was a port.

Rainbow Six: Vegas - Looks like a great shooter.

Bioshock - Creepy action RPG from the same people who did the star wars RPG.

Lost Planet - You can play the demo already on xbox live, it plays great.

The Darkness - Same people who made the Riddick game

Grand Theft Auto IV - I'm not even a huge fan of the series, but I do want to see what they can do with an upgraded console.


And of course: Halo 3 - No explanation necessary.

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