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MLS All-Stars Beat Chelsea!!!


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Yeah, well, not to belittle it or anything...


But most of the time those guys come over here they're just getting paycheck and couldn't care less. Meanwhile we're giving 100%.


Congratulations on the win, but I don't see it as that big of an accomplishment. Certainly doesn't make up for that World Cup showing.

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Thats not the point Buckeye. The players on Chelsea were embarassed by their showing towards the end of the game. And it will do a lot for American Soccer even if its just the name.



I only saw parts.


But, to be honest, it just didn't look even. But, that's me. I didn't think Chelsea was trying very hard.

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Good win for the MLS All Stars, but don't put much stock in, because the rest of the world won't(outside of Chelsea's Barclay rivals).


I mean DC United beat Celtic earlier this year, which would never happen in a non - friendly. Good win for our boys, but don't expect any respect to be accumulated till we earn our spot on the International stage.

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