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Bill Kamal has a fellow cell mate from NewsChannel 5


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Former News Channel 5 traffic reporter Bruno Moore was arrested for soliciting sex with a 13 year old online :lol . I always knew that guy was a weirdo.


A former television traffic reporter and part-time WIRK-FM radio talent has been charged with six counts of solicitation of a child, including obscene communication, and using a computer service to seduce or to solicit a child, sheriff's officials said Tuesday.


He remained in Palm Beach County Jail awaiting his court appearance today.



Bruno Edward Moore, 34, of Fort Pierce, was arrested Tuesday morning at Sandy Pines in Tequesta, a treatment facility that provides psychiatric and medically directed treatments for emotionally disturbed children and adolescents.


Moore was arrested as he arrived, preparing to teach English to high school students at Sandy Pines, which is in the Martin County School District, according to a release by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.


As an employee of Metro Traffic from 1997 to 2004, Moore regularly appeared on NewsChannel Five. Bruno Moore's traffic reports made him a familiar face in South Florida, WPTV reports.


Deputies were contacted June 30 by a mother in Palm Beach County who said her daughter was being solicited online by a man known as Bruno Moore. The 13-year-old told investigators she had been contacted by Moore, who said he worked at radio station WIRK-FM, and she believed he knew her screen name because she had been sending AOL instant messages to the radio station to request songs, the release stated.


Deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office received permission to "take over her daughter's identity," using the 13-year-old's AOL account and her Web site on MySpace.com, and began a series of Internet conversations with Moore.


In some of these messages, deputies said, Moore was told the recipient of his messages was 13 years old, and he told the teenager that he would be beginning to work at Sandy Pines as a teacher on Aug. 3.


With the cooperation of Martin County schools, sheriff's deputies located Moore at Sandy Pines as he arrived at the school for work. Bruno allegedly stated he had spoken with the teenager, knew she was 13 years old and spoke in a sexually explicit manner, both on AOL and MySpace from his cellular phone and from the WIRK radio station, deputies reported.


The alleged comments made by Bruno ranged from asking her to model for him, wanting to see her nude to performing sexual acts with her and inviting her to have phone sex. Deputies said the suspect sent a photo of himself to the teenager, a photo he said was taken at the WIRK studio.


"Prior to his arrest, Mr. Moore had been hired to work as a teacher for Martin County students at the Sandy Pines Treatment Facility during the upcoming 2006-2007 school year," according to Cathy Brennan of the Martin County School District.


"Mr. Moore also worked briefly as a substitute teacher in the district, working for six days between May of 2006 and present."


Prior to his employment by the district, Moore met qualifications for the positions and completed all necessary background and drug screening checks, as well as reference checks, the release states.


"At no time during his employment has Mr. Moore had access to School District computers or School District Internet service." Brennan said.



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