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The Roots - Game Theory


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Game Theory is the 6th studio album from Philadelphia Hip Hop group The Roots, their first on Def Jam Records, scheduled to hit shelves on August 29, 2006. The first single, "Don't Feel Right", was released online in May 2006 and is available for free download on the group's MySpace page (link). The album features guest appearances from Peedi Peedi and former Roots MC Malik B., who will be performing on 3 songs. The album closes with a song titled "Can't Stop This", an eight minute tribute to the late J Dilla.


Described by Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson as "very mature, serious, and very dark" [1]. Unlike their two previous efforts, Phrenology and The Tipping Point, Game Theory combines The Roots progressive tendencies and lush, jazz influenced hiphop into a more homogenous and cohesive recording than past efforts had shown. In what could be a salute to a fellow progressive band, The Roots sample Radiohead's "You And Whose Army?" on the track "Atonement".


The subject material for Game Theory follows the more serious tone of the album, with topics ranging from the war in Iraq to violence in music. ?uestlove was quoted as saying "There was too much going on that we couldn't just sit back and not speak on it." [2]


Quoted from Rollingstone.com: "In this day and age, I'm kind of noticing that nobody in urban music really has the balls to just stop partying for one second," says ?uestlove. "I mean, partying is good and whatnot, and it's cool to get down, but I really think that 2006 called for a very serious record. This ain't the Debbie Downer record, or the political, save-the-world record, but this is definitely not the MC-based, battle-themed album that the Roots have been known for. This is our most serious record to date." [3]








Track listing

  • "Dilltastic Vol Won(derful)"
  • "False Media"
  • "Game Theory" featuring Malik B.
  • "Don't Feel Right" featuring Maimouna Youssef
  • "In The Music" featuring Malik B. & Porn
  • "Take It There" featuring Wadud Ahmad
  • "Baby" featuring John-John & Malik B.
  • "Here I Come" featuring Dice Raw & Malik B.
  • "Long Time" featuring Peedi Peedi & Bunny Bigler
  • "Livin' in a New World" featuring John-John
  • "Clock With No Hands" featuring Mercedes Martinez
  • "Atonement" featuring Jack Davey
  • "Can't Stop This"

Been waiting for another Roots album to drop since there last 2 greatest hits albums. This cd is banging. Just like the wikipedia desciption says its dark and mature. Great description. Tracks worth noting are in bold.



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This is a ridiculous album, and the rap album I've been longing for for a while.


'Don't Feel Right' is my favorite track after two times through the album.

I just made 4 copies of this album for various people in the office. They absolutley love "Dont Feel Right" and I do not blame them. Great album. I'm more impressed b/c they didn't completley sell out and go bezerker mainstream on me like some of my favorite DJ's *cough* DJ Shadow *cough*

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