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Echo & The Bunnymen

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The Killing Moon; Seven Seas; Villiers Terrace; Back of Love; The Cutter; Lips Like Sugar; Porcupine; If you know any of those songs and are a fan of Ian's music, then you belong here. :)


To me, they are one of those bands whose work over the years was overshadowed by the times they were in. They started coming out around the same time U2 was getting big. So that didn't help. They do sort of come off as mysterious...maybe that's an unfair characterization but that's the image I get of the Bunnymen.


Their latter work has been pretty good. At least they didn't disappoint like The Church, who have really let me down after having so much promise in the late 80s.


I read recently that Ian got into a fight with a couple of fans. It's all allegation at the moment.


What's your best Bunnymen song so far?

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One of my favorite bands of that time. I always loved that McCullough and Julian Cope were in the same band before Echo, because I was a big fan of both of them for a long time.


Anyway they had several great singles, Killing Moon was always a favorite. I never did get to pick up their 2005 release Siberia, was it any good?




And don't let TheDon hear you diss The Church. :shifty Maybe they never did quite recapture the magic, but there were some decent attempts.

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Ok Hot.


You've really dug up a name from the past this time..........Julian Cope! WOW. :notworthy



I havent heard that name since Squeeze was spinning Goth in Ft. Lauderdale. :cool


What was that solo single he had?........"Charlotte Ann" or something????






And as far as The Church goes........I can see where basesloaded is coming from. They never recaptured the magic of "Starfish" but U2 never recaptured "Joshua Tree" either.


"Day of the Dead" was a nice post-Starfish track.




Back on topic........Lips Like Sugar will always be my fav Echo track (I know, I know....its their most known track as well). Ive never seen them live. One of the few bands in that genre that Ive never seen.

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