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Great freakin' season...


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This game shows how the Marlins played all year. Down, but never out. Seeing them celebrate knowing they got nothing more than a meaningless win is so great to see. The way they ALL celebrated. We get on Reggie Abercrombie a lot but seeing how much they were hugging him and jumping with him was great. The way they were all hugging knowing that they might not all be there next year. Reggie, Reed, Aguila, Treanor, Wood, Hoover, THE WHOLE DAMN BULLPEN HAHA, these guys didn't do much, but are still loved. A great way to end the season. I can't wait for pictures from this one.

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I can't even lie about this, but this team just gets me emotional lmao. Just love the way these guys are close and they embrace each other so much. Like Tommy Hutton said these guys grew up together so they have remained close, yes there was some arguements before but they got over it and picked each other up. I am just going to miss them having fun in the dugout and knowing that Baseball is fun and thats what its all about.


These 2006 Marlins really gave people something to cheer about, they let ppl know not to judge a book by its cover. 1 Word to sum up this season



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