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Who should i start for week 8


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The Bengals (Vick's opponent) have only given up more than 20 points once while the Titans (Carr's opponent) have done it 4 times. The only times the Titans didn't give up more than 20 points was aginst the Fins terrible offense and some how, against the Colts. The Bengals have stopped the passing game all year, even in their losses. The best performence from a QB came from Jake Delhomme in a Bengals win. He threw for 288 with 2 TDs. The Titans can't stop sh*t. Dunno about Rivers. He didn't do much in his first 3 games and his last 3 have been great. But he was heavily aided by LT. Rivers plays the Cards. Take that for what you will. Based on their performences lately, I'd say continue to go with Rivers.


And go with Brown. His numbers are way better than Johnson's and I look for McNabb to come out firing at Home against Jacksonville.


Hope I don't screw you up.

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Flip a coin between Rivers and Carr. Personally, I'd ride the hot hand with Carr. Something tells me SD's game will be one of those 10-15 for 150 yards type games with an easy win for SD.


..and I'd never bench Chad Johnson. You drafted him early for a reason.

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