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Those bastards


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On Friday December 1st, my wallet and checkbook were stolen from under my desk at my school. I usually lock them up but I was in a hurry and didnt think anything would happen. Well- I was wrong. Those bastards bought stuff all over south florida and now, I'm getting notices from tons of Publix's (6 so far) and Bed, Bath and Beyond, WalMart and Walgreens. I have the police report which states that the checkbook was stolen and the check numbers taken but it's still a pain in the ass straightening everthing else out. Publix had the balls to tell me I had to go to each one to provide the restitution- HA!! One of the Publix's is an hour from my home. I said, "I'm the victim here! You're not seriously going to tell me that I have to drive 1 hour up there and one hour back just to provide a police report?" "I'll fax it to you. If you dont like it, then my lawyer can fax it to you as well."


Out of something bad, comes something good.


We were getting ready to close on a re-fi on our home. I thought the deal sounded fishy but I went ahead anyway. When my lawyer called the night before to go over the papers, he kept insisting I don't go through with it. I needed the money and told him I'd think about it. Then, at the end of the convo, I told him my wallet and checkbook were stolen. He shouted, "GREAT!! Now you can't go through with the closing!" I asked him why and he said it was because I wouldn't be able to product a picture ID.


That got me to thinking. What more did I need? The signs were there. The heaven parted, the light shone down and the angels began to sing ( AHHHHHHH!)


P.S. I didn't close on the deal, would up saving myself $9500 and am as happy as a clam. We got a better deal through Wachovia and saved ourselves tons of $$ and heartache.


PSS I got my new drivers license and don't have to renew until 2014 and my hubby (who was standing next to me) also got his renewed at the same time.



It pays to schmooze with people.

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Sorry to hear about your stuff getting stolen.


2 weeks ago my dad walks up to me and goes "Did you charge $7,000 dollars worth of stuff at Home Depot?" and I of course reply with "no, why?" Apparently someone stole his CC# and went on a shopping spree... in California.

ouch. that sucks.

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I spoke with the person in Publix that processess all this stuff and she told me there's a theft ring going on in So Fla. She's had at least 25-30 people ripped off this month alone.


Dirty momzers. They should only get tzuris from everything they bought.

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Check and Credit fraud are very rampant these days. I work for Assets Protection in Target and you should see the amount of money Target loses monthly because of these thiefs. It really pisses me off due to the difficulty of catching these thieves because of the time it takes for the information to reach us.

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