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Question About Direct TV Sports Pack


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I could be wrong, but I think you may have to buy the baseball package to get those games. The channels will be blacked out during games. Again I could be wrong, but if I remember correctly that's how it is.


that is right on - if you buy the sports pack they will black out any game that isn't in your local broadcast area and they will only be available with a league pass/center ice type of deal


also, it has now spread to some college games that are part of the various college packs


you will still get some college games and the local coaches shows, sports desks, team specific shows, etc


however, you will not get any of the actual games

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Hey everybody, I am moving to Miami next month from New York and wanted to see if anyone knew if the Direct TV sports pack offers the New York sports channels such as YES and MSG? If so do they show the Yankees and Rangers games?


Thanks for the help!

The Sportspack has MSG, YES, SNY, and FSN New York...but all games are blacked out outside of New York.


To see the games, you have to buy MLB Extra Innings (for the Yanks and Mets), NBA League Pass (for the Nets and Knicks), NHL Center Ice (for the Rangers, Devils, and Islanders), or MLS Direct Kick (for Red Bull NY).


Most cable systems carry these packages as well. You can get the Fox College Sports channels and the FCS Atlantic channel carries MSG SportsDesk for example.

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