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Jacobs already working out


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I love the guy! I think all we were saying in this particular post, is that he could improve on his numbers a bit more if he'd try to use more of the field more often this season. I remember this was discussed during the season last year, and he had been working on it a bit. I remember watching him, and I was intrigued by his approach at the plate. But, I could definitely tell when he was being a patient hitter and looking to hit whatever the pitcher threw him, and I could also tell when he was just trying to rip the ball to right and put it in the seats. I think he will, in fact, improve on his numbers this year. It seemed like he figured out that he was trying to pull everything, and then tried to fix it on the fly. Well, you can apply this to almost anything: that it's not real easy to break old habits. Therefore, I think he was a little messed up at the plate last season, because he was trying to fix a bad habit, but when he was concentrating on it, it really took him out of his comfort zone. So, it was too easy to revert back to those bad habits. Hopefully, with the offseason to work on it, he'll be much more comfortable this season. I'm expecting big things from him!!

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