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Jacobs already working out


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Good news. I think the 2007 season will be a "lets see what we have" year for the Marlins. The young guys will have to prove they belong and this specially means Jacobs and Hermida. These were the guys that played hurt last season. Ugla and Willingham also need to prove they can be counted upon for the future. I think Ramirez is the real deal. The starters other than Dontrelle also need to have a good sophmore year. They need to adjust to the major league hitters as they adjust to them. Bullpen and closer, well we will have to wait and see.


Hopefully sometime SOON we will have the deal of the stadium in place, and perhaps with that promise Mr. Loria will decide to spend some cash to address the teams needs so that in 2008 the Marlins can seriously contend for the NL East title.

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.282/.350/.530/.880, 32 HR, 109 RBI

I think those numbers are realistic. He needs to work on not pulling every pitch, like Cabrera told him. Pitchers worked him outside and he tried to hit it into the upperdeck in right field, and ended up striking out. He got hot after he made that adjustment initially (against the cubs, double off the wall to end the game).

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You think we could pay Carlos Delgado a little money to come back and work with Jake on his "power to all fields?" I loved watching Delgado hit to the opposite field!! They pitch him outside, so he hits it to left with enough english on the ball to send it into the left field corner for a double! I couldn't get enough of that!!

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Okay, that's what I thought you were saying. Now, onto disputing that argument. :lol


Sure, his singles and doubles looked like they were spread out evenly. But then, look at his homeruns. They were all in right, except for one. That sure doesn't seem like he was using power to all fields. It appears that most of the time he put the ball in left, it was a fly-ball out. Plus, those are just his home stats.

How about his hitting chart at Citizens Bank Ballpark: three singles to right, one double to left, one double to left center, one double to right center, three doubles tucked in the right field corner, and a homerun off the foul pole in right. Guess what, ground ball outs to the right side of the infield, and fly-ball outs to left field.

Coors Field: three singles to center, one homerun to right, a fly-out to left, and seven ground outs to the right side of the infield.

Great American Ballpark: double down the right field line, two weak fly-outs to left

Miller Park: one single to right, one homerun to right, one ground out to right, and the infamous fly-out to left...anyone else sensing a trend? (and I'm not talking about the ballparks being in alphabetical order)

Minute Maid Park: one single to right, one homerun to right, 4 out of 6 groundouts to right, three fly-outs to center, and one fly-out to right.

Oriole Park: double down the right field line, three ground outs to right, one groundout to left, and two fly-outs to right

Petco Park: here you go, tally one up for you, just to show this post isn't biased. Two singles to left, one single to center, one single to right, one double to left, one homerun to right, two ground-outs to left, and a fly-out to left. He must have been working on his hitting prior to that series.

PNC Park: two singles to center, one double to center, and three fly-outs to center.



Alright, I think I've made my point. You can keep looking through the rest, and yes, you will find a few singles and doubles to left and center, but for the majority of the time, he WAS trying to pull the ball. 19 out of 20 homeruns were to right field. At home, his singles and double were pretty much split evenly. On the road, he generally hit more of them to right, than to center or left. More of his ground-outs were to right, and more of his fly-outs were to left. My analysis of these stats, is that when he got around on a ball and hit it solid, he put it down the line, or over the right field wall. When he tried to get around on the lower pitch, he mis-hit grounders to the right side of the infield. When he mis-hit the high, outside pitch, he would hit weak flyballs off the end of his bat into left field.

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you have some good points but i just don't know why so many on here don't like Jacobs is it because he was not home grown or what every one here loves herm and hammer. herm has not done any think yet hammer is 28 or 29 so what he has like 5 good year maybe. i mean i am just saying what is the deal the kid Jacobs in 569 at bats or so witch is about the ABs an every day player gets has 31 HRs and 100 RBIs and 270 BA i mean is that not good enough for you guys. he played hurt all year never complained nothing never said any thing about being hurt. just went out and played and still hit 20 HRs 36 doubles and 77RBIs. so what gives

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