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You want to talk about a ref trying to be a star


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In a game marred by 44 fouls, Huntington High won it's 15th game of the year by beating Capital 77-64. Highlander star OJ Mayo was ejected from the game with 5:15 to go in the 4th quarter after getting his second technical foul.


A record crowd of 8,846 watched Friday night's game at the Charleston Civic Center. It's the largest ever to watch a high school game at the Civic Center.


The WVSSAC rule states that any player ejected from the game will not be able to play in their next two games and that applies to Mayo.

He will have to sit out Tuesday night's game against Artesia, CA which will be played at Duke. He also won't suit up against Scott County, KY Friday night at UK



Go to the link and watch the video.

Mayo throws down nasty on some dude, and then gets a T for taunting (debatable, but ok call).

Then Mayo gets a T again for basically walking over to his teams huddle.

Then Mayo walks over to the ref and doesn't even touch him, and the ref falls down.


This is a joke.

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I understand handing technicals to these high school kids who think they already belong in the NBA, but the call was questionable. Obviously things had to be said to the ref to warrant a 2nd tech, but the zebra flopping? Come on. Do your job minus the acting, jerk.

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I don't get it. Mayo already has his scholarship to USC, would be heading to the draft if it was allowed....he doesn't really need to be playing in these games. Games, which the school is probably making a lot of money off of since they are being played all over the country in different arenas. So the only people this ref is punishing are the people who paid money to see this kid play basketball. I didn't see anything so terrible on the original technical, the second one was way too quick and the ref falling down after what was maybe something that qualifies as a slight bump was disgusting. All this did was make the ref look awful and waste the money of innocent people.

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