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AL West breakdown


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1. Mariners (Kenji Johjima)

2. Angels (Mike Napoli)

3. Rangers (Gerald Laird)

4. A's (Jason Kendall)

First base:

1. Rangers (Mark Teixeira)

2. A's (Nick Swisher)

3. Mariners (Richie Sexson)

4. Angels (Shea Hillenbrand)

Second base:

1. Rangers (Ian Kinsler)

2. A's (Mark Ellis)

3. Mariners (Jose Lopez)

4. Angels (Howie Kendrick)

Third base:

1. A's (Eric Chavez)

2. Mariners (Adrian Beltre)

3. Angels (Chone Figgins)

4. Rangers (Hank Blalock)


1. Rangers (Michael Young)

2. Angels (Orlando Cabrera)

3. Mariners (Yuniesky Betancourt)

4. A's (Bobby Crosby)


1. Mariners (Raul Ibanez)

2. Angels (Juan Rivera)

3. Rangers (Frank Catalanotto)

4. A's (Shannon Stewart)


1. Rangers (Kenny Lofton)

2. Mariners (Ichiro Suzuki)

3. Angels (Gary Matthews)

4. A's (Mark Kotsay)


1. Angels (Vladimir Guerrero)

2. A's (Milton Bradley)

3. Mariners (Jose Guillen)

4. Rangers (Nelson Cruz)


1. A's (Mike Piazza)

2. Mariners (Jose Vidro

3. Angels (Garret Anderson)

4. Rangers (Jason Botts)


1. Angels

2. A's

3. Rangers

4. Mariners


1. Francisco Rodriguez, Angels

2. Eric Gagne, Rangers

3. JJ Putz, Mariners

4. Huston Street, A's

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Guest markotsay7

I absolutely cannot agree with CF or closer. I'd go Street-Putz-Gagne as 2-3-4, at least until Putz shows that last season wasn't a one shot deal and Gagne shows he still knows how to pitch (without steroids?). Ichiro is lightyears ahead of Kenny Lofton and, I may be a homer (see username) but Kotsay's better than Matthews, especially if you take defense into consideration.


I'm also not so sure about Blalock at 4 behind Figgins...

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