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another 'rate my team'


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12 team Rotisserie league.

let me know if i should change anything about my team.

thanks :)



C- Ivan Rodriguez

1b- Casey Blake

2b- Freddy Sanchez

SS- Jhonny Peralta

3b- David Wright

OF- Vladimir Guerrero

OF- Rocco Baldelli

OF- Brian Giles

Util- Josh Willingham


BN- Reed Johnson

BN- Shea Hillenbrand

BN- Wilson Betemit



SP- Roy Oswalt

SP- Brandon Webb

RP- Brad Lidge

RP- Johnathan Papelbon

P- Scott Olsen

P- Anibal Sanchez

P- Ted Lilly


BN- Josh Johnson

BN- Jeff Francis



(i know i need to get another closer/relief pitcher. other than that, any suggestions?)

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The good:

Pudge. Nuff said.

Wright is a top 3 starter at 3B.

Vlad is a top 5 OF.

Oswalt and Webb are a solid 1-2 punch. Good for you.


The bad:

Your 2B is bottom of the barrel starter quality. Sanchez has more value as a SS on your team - but that's not saying much [see below].

Baldeli is a good #3 OF, but a not-so-good #2 option.

Giles should be a #4 or #5 reserve. Don't expect much over .285 with 15 HR and 10 SB. OF is so deep, you'll find someone on the waiver wire.

You know that Papelbon is an SP now, right?



The ugly:

You have a major problem at 1B. Casey Blake? He MIGHT have value in the OF but not as a 1B.

SS is also a problem - not sure Peralta should be a starter in a 12 team league. Sanchez is at least a top 12 at this position.


Bottom Line:

This team is not a contender as your roster stands right now. In my league from last year you probably would have finished 7 or 8 out of 12.

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