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My Disney World vacation pictures


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They're up and ready for viewing. You can find them here.


There's a tour of Pop Century, where I stayed this trip (well worth it if you're looking for an inexpensive place to stay on property...just a tad under $600 for 6 nights isn't too bad IMO), some Flower and Garden Festival pics, and some good shots over at the Animal Kingdom.


Hope you like them!

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Thanks. I saw a few ducks and rabbits all over WDW, not just the couple I got pictures of. That duck in one of the pictures was found just outside of Big Thunder Mountain, BTW. Guess he couldn't get a FastPass... :cool


Gran Fiesta Tour wasn't too bad. I only rode El Rio del Tiempo once, way back in the 80s, so I can't compare it with GFT all that much. But I do like GFT.


I volunteered myself on the back lot tour at the Studios. You know the first part of the tour, where there's a demo of the special effects in movies like the ones used in Pearl Harbor? There's two examples that are used, one on the deck of the PT boat, and the other in the ship's cabin where the water gets poured in through that open window? My part was in the ship's cabin, and I got drenched pretty goog. Lots of fun, though.


I do have the worst timing. I missed the opening of the new Spaceship Earth post-show by a few days. I was hoping to check it out on my trip; guess the video posted over at the Distant Creations blog will have to do for now.

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I envy you.


I've really gotta get my woman and I down there again this summer. I need to make that trip happen.


Those giant foosball men are awesome. :lol


I didn't go to Animal Kingdom last time I went because the first time I went there when I lived in Tampa was about 6-8 months after it opened and I thought/remember it being terrible. Has it improved since then (obviously been a while now)?

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Everest really is helping to bring the crowds into AK. The park was packed on the day I was there. Good thing there's a single riders line for us solo travelers. I got 3 rides in on Everest, and never waited more than 10-15 minutes, where the regular standby line had wait times up to 40-50 minutes. The 3 rides really exacerbated my motion sickness, though...


I also got to see La Nouba while I was there. The show was just awesome. You HAVE to go check the show out if you can. You will not be disappointed at all

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