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Some interesting Disney World rumors


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I read this on WDWMagic.com. Supposedly, the guy who wrote this has close sources and he's right a lot of the times he has posted stuff like this. This article is a little long, but I am posting the good stuff.


A new, third themed water park is making its way through the approval process. It still has a long ways to go but the plans right now will have it tie the park in with some of Disney's cinematic properties if all is approved. Don't expect to hear anything publicly about this till sometime in mid 2008 at the earliest.


Despite everyone being depressed about the company announcing no current plans for a "Fifth Gate" in the current future, that doesn't mean ideas aren't being discussed. There is plenty of land for future use. Enough in the southern section for at least two full size parks if they are ever approved. There are "blue sky" proposals for a new park. Actually, three have been seen in the halls of WDI. These projects that are in the embryonic proposal phase and could wind up as a fifth park or serve as inspiration for Hong Kong's second gate or even Tokyo. Should the economy keep firing on all cylinders, the proposals will be narrowed down and one could look for an announcement near the beginning of the next decade. That puts the completion of a fifth park somewhere in the ball park of 2014-2015. Just in time for the preperations for the 45th anniversary of the park. How coincidental? Hmmm...




The Magic Kingdom is the park with the least going on. At least from my sources at WDI. This could all be thrown around now that the new structure is being put in place over on Flower Street, but the full effect of the reorganization won't be clear until summer is over. As for now, there are proposals for a new parade that would corrispond with some additional entertainment, but otherwise the next "E" ticket isn't planned for at least 2009. Lasseter and crew have a couple propsals that are being pitched about but nothing is concrete at the moment. As far as it being a Pixar ride, I'm sure some of you are thinking of asking... well, as of now the proposal's don't involve creations from Disney's Emeryville branch. In fact, of the two proposals my sources know of, one involves a "classic" Disney character and the other is something entirely different. Hopefully, if Disneyland's new Christmas overlay works out well it will be applied to Orlando's castle as well, but we won't know for sure till early next year.




By now, everyone knows that Epcot's Spaceship Earth will open next year with a brand new interior and from what people have seen so far it's a great redo. From one of my sources, the new attraction will really entertain guest in the best "Epcot" way. Talk continues about "THE WAND" coming down. The decision hasn't been made official, but signs are good that it could come down by next year... so cross your fingers. There are a couple prominent ideas for Epcot's next "E" ticket, but within departments, it won't see daylight till 2010 probably.


Over in World Showcase, there is a faction within WDI that wants to address some of the eyesores that disrupt the view of the lands. No, I'm not talking about the Dolphin and Swan... that requires more radical surgery. But there is momentum from a group of Imagineers to reintroduce a proposal to retheme the back of Soarin' to the Canadian Rockies which would hide the show building and give the area another "E" ticket ride simular to DCA's GRR. Other areas are supposed to be addressed if the plan goes through, again... these are "blue sky" proposal's so it'll all depend on the new management and how much they desire to fix the mistakes of the past.




Disney-MGM Studios, or as we will be calling it soon, Disney-Pixar Studios has the most promising future ahead of it. With the park meandering as to what it's identity has been over the last few years it is slated to get a good deal of attention over the next couple years. The name will not be the only rebranding of the park. A direction as to what kind of park it is will begin in the fall with the expected announcement of the name change. Once that is done there will be some major changes in theme and design in various parts of the studio. Lasseter himself has expressed an interest in refocusing the park towards a much more family friendly movie experience. Expect at least one and possibly two "E" tickets and two to four "C" or "D" tickets to be approved in the next year or so that will focus on making the experience one has when entering the former MGM park, a truly memorable one. Some of these projects will have a direct impact on WDW's sister park in Anaheim. What projects am I talking about. Well let me just give you their innitials... ST 2.0 and IJ4. How's that for a tease? These will be a huge draw for the studio when all this is said and done around... 2011. There's that year again. Sorry, my lips are sealed. There'll be nothing else for now...


The results of Epedition Everest are a great sign for Animal Kingdom. However, the high expense of the ride itself has been an inhibitor in bringing forward that most holy grail of DAK projects: Beastly Kingdom. There is still a small group within WDI that wants to do BK, but the amount of money it will cost has many managers hesitant to put that much capital into such an attraction. The wildcard in this is Lasseter. While it is not known if he will champion BK, he is much in favor of creating rides that immerse the guest and doesn't seem interested in throwing out mediocre attractions to simply have WDI keep busy. There are Imagineers who have been trying to get one of several small scale theming proposals for Dinoland approved, but under the old management the approval was moving at a snails pace. Perhaps the new leadership will allow these blue sky proposals which would take away the gharish, carnival atmosphere and give the area a more atmospheric touch to move forward? Clearly the days of Paul Pressler are over. The recent changes in WDI and the rising stock of Joe Rohde could bring BK out of the shadows and onto the fast track. At the very least, Joe's position means DAK will be receiving a disproportional amount of attention over the next few years.


Well, that's all I can relate without getting caught in Disney's dragnet or having my friends shot. Hope you enjoyed it and have a great Memorial Day weekend. Stay tuned for more updates later in June..."


the actual link is blueskydisney.blogspot.com


ST 2.0 & IJ4 is Star Tours 2.0 & Indiana Jones 4 (the ride at Disneyland), just so you know.


I have been hearing a lot about Beastly Kingdom and I really want to see it come to life. It's supposed to be a themed land on Animal Kingdom that deals with mythical creatures (dragons, for example). It was supposed to open with the park, but it never happened. You can see a dragon on Animal Kingdom's logo that they just left there.


Here's the link to the thread if you want to read more about this: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=187972

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