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BBC: 56% of Brits think scientists still not sure about climate change


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Ive said it before and i'll say it again... (ill just post what i said in another thread).


"Science and Politics don't mix. Even after watching Al Gore's movie something definitely smelled funny.


Today, more and more scientists feel more comfortable going against a politically correct statement (that global warming is happening because of humans). I believe this was the reason in the past why Al Gore (while knowing nothing about science and research) has had a tremendous impact on the scientific community.


Now, its becoming silly and almost a mockery on science whenever Al Gore speaks about global warming, frankly, this is not his territory anymore, and if he insists on making it this way, he will find himself losing credibility (what he has left) faster and faster."

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yeah, another thread dealing with the same thing discussed in two other treads all made within the same week...and yet more and more people arent believing what is happening right in front of them...whatever...thats fine...at least i can have the final "i told you so" before we all die(or all our kids and grandkids anyways)

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