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Natick -


A Sherborn teen was charged this afternoon with allegedly having sex with sheep at a farm near his home, a pattern police suggest may have gone on for nearly a year.


Roger Henderson II, 18, was charged today in Natick District Court with bestiality, cruelty to animals and breaking and entering in connection with an incident police say took place on June 27.


Following his arraignment, he was released to his parents on the condition that he stay at least 30 yards away from Boggastow Farm, where the alleged bestiality took place, and animals in general. Henderson was also ordered to continue mental health treatments at Leonard Morse hospital in Natick.


According to police reports, the incident at the farm last month was just the latest in at least a dozen break-ins. Prompted by the earlier incidents, the owner of the farm installed surveillance cameras, including one near the sheep pen.


Between 3 and 4 a.m. on June 27, the police report says, the camera captured and filmed a person identified as Roger Henderson II.


"Henderson is observed in sheep pen grabbing a sheep by its hind legs and dragging it to the corner of the stall. Henderson removes his clothes and appears to have sexual relations with the sheep. Upon finishing, Henderson puts his pants back on and leaves the barn area with his shirt in his hand."


Though Henderson was in police custody this afternoon, his appearance was waived in court, as prosecutors and his defense attorney quickly agreed to terms of his release. He left the court house about 30 minutes later, covering his face with a black T shirt, and wearing dark jeans, and was immediately whisked away in a Jeep Cherokee.


Henderson is due back in court Sept. 4 for a pre-trial conference.


For the full story, read tomorrow's MetroWest Daily News.



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