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Commercial song that has been killing me!

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I have been looking everywhere for the song that plays in a Mercedes commercial. The only thing I have found is a posting where someone else asks what the song is and gets a single response that others are also looking for the name of the song.


The post says it well:


The commercial starts with a home video of a little boy playing in the driveway, riding his mini-car. At the end of the commercial it says "how long have you waited", promoting Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes Benz's.


If anyone catches this commercial and picks up on the music, maybe you can recognize it. Everytime I see the commercial, I want to jump out of a window.

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Keeping the somewhat theme to this thread, I'm just dying everytime I hear the great bands of my "youth" and college years being used to sell products. Certain examples that kill me:


"Pictures of You" by The Cure for HP

"Blister In the Sun" by Violent Femmes for Wendy's

"This Is the Day" by The The for M&M's

"Only You" by Yaz for JC Penney's

"Bizzare Love Triange" by New Order for Reese's Peanut Cups

"I Melt with You" by Modern English for Burger King


It'll only be a matter of time before I'll just have to end it all on the day I hear "How Soon Is Now" being used in a commercial!

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"How Soon Is Now?" for Match.com :smlove


I always figured hell would freeze over when I heard "How Soon Is Now" for a laxative commercial!


I figured the "I am human and I need to be loooooved, just like anybody else does.." line would go perfect in those eHarmony or Match.com commercials as the couples share a laugh, look into each others eyes, high five, stand one behind the other. You get it.

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