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Steve and Barry's how I love thee


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Anyone else completely in love with this store? It has the affordability of a Wal-Mart and Value City but better quality and selection.


So, I was getting a new bunch of clothes seeing everything else was pretty beat.


My rundown


8 novelty t shirt

2 long sleeve t shirts

2 polo's

3 dress shirts

2 tie's

Pair of Starbury skate shoes

Two blue jeans

1 cargo pant

1 chino(?) pant

Two khaki shorts

One cargo short

1 fall jacket

Two pairs of athletic shorts


All of this for $250 and it's all stuff I love, not just getting it out of financial conveinance. Awesome Store, and finally a place for the people who feel paying over 25$ for any single item of everyday clothing is a joke.

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