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Freezer Issue


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I know it's not exactly a cooking question, but it relates.


This past Friday, I had accidentally left my refridgerator door open all day without realizing it. Naturally, I was like, DAMNIT! So I closed it and everything seemed fine. But then, Sunday, went I went into my freezer, everything on the bottom shelf was still frozen, but the food on the top shelf had thawed. Also, the ice cube tray on the door, the outer part was still frozen, but the side of the tray against the door was thawed/melted. There was also frost on the lower back of the freezer, but not the rest.


Yesterday, I uplugged it and left the freezer door open with the fridge door closed. Hooked it back up and had the same issue. So, today, I unplugged my refridgerator and left both doors open to dethaw in case that's it. I'm worried that it could be something worse. By the time I get home today, it will have been dethawing with both doors open for over nine hours, so when I hook it back up, I should know for sure tomorrow. The issue where the bottom of the freezer was still freezing and the top had thawed makes me worried that it might be something more, however. Any thoughts?

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Maybe (I'm a woman here...) the motor was working so hard trying to keep everything cold in the refrigerator, it got hot and that's why the stuff on the bottom started to melt and the stuff on the top was still frozen.



Yeah, that's what ended up happening. The motor in the freezer burned out. Got a new one in there now.

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