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Uggla - Manager for the day?


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Dan Uggla took out the lineup card to the umpires Thursday -- without his name on it. Uggla, who is hitting .179, was given the night off by manager Fredi Gonzalez.''He's going to manage [Thursday],'' Gonzalez said, half joking. ``He's going to sit here next to me [in the dugout]. He's going to call the shots. He's going to have fun [Thursday].''


Gonzalez is hoping a day off will be the elixir for Uggla.


''This game is about having fun,'' Gonzalez said. ``Let's not commit suicide with every at bat.''



Whoever managed yesterday's ballgame was asleep. Nolasco clearly didn't have it at all last night. After Chipper hit his second homer of the night, Fredi should have come and gotten him.

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We weren't just managing for this game, but for the next two. With Smoltz owning up on us, and Nolasco already giving up 3 runs going into the 5th, there was no point to taxing the bullpen. He then gave up 3 home runs in that inning, all with two outs. All he needed was a hard hit shot to the warning track to get out of it. At that point, absolutely no reason to tax the pen.


If it was Olsen and Hendrickson pitching the next 2 games, I would agree the naysayers. But with Miller and Badenhop, that pen needs to be very well rested.

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