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Went to the Mudcats game tonight...


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I am in the beautiful state of North Carolina for the week, and realized I was less than an hour away from Zebulon, the city where the Marlins double A team, the Carolina Mudcats play. My first ever minor league game, sat right on the dugout, third base side. Dollar beers, cheap tickets and talented players = tons of fun. Here is my very amateur scouting reports on some of the more notable players:



First and foremost of course, Cameron Maybin. OK. I don't know why any scouting report would say he doesn't have range, this dude has a ton of range. He will be a very good to great defensive CF. He made three catches tonight (this is not fan hyperbole) that Alfredo/Ross/Cody/any Marlin player on this roster/40% of all ML CFers don't make and turn into doubles and triples. He also showed off his gun throwing a bullet from CF that made it to Brett Hayes on a lace. No bounce. The runner was safe, but that throw was a thing of beauty. The first catch btw was a diving catch that Maybin had to make running in from deep CF...one of the umps said he trapped it...Maybin flipped out, screamed HELL NO! I caught that...ran to the ump and argued it. It was over turned. Very fiery player who was animated even on the bases. He is going to be so much fun watching him play defense in Joe Robbie/the new stadium for the next half dozen years or so. At the plate though, it's a different story. He walked on 4 balls from his last at bat, that being his only highlight. Looked realllllly bad though swinging and missing at the soft tossing/off speed pitch-throwing SP of the cubs. Definitely will be a work in progress at the plate.


Coghlan is what he is: he worked every at bat he had and made the pitcher work. His great eye will work at the ML level, no doubt. He made a couple nice plays at second, but horribly botched one in the 2nd inning. Looked really bad on that error.


Raynor had a SB, made a diving catch in the of and hit the ball hard all night. I think he could be a Josh Willingham replacement in a year or two. Valuable player either way though with his speed and hitting ability.


Bret Sinkbeil. I was really excited to see him play tonight, but to be honest...wasn't too impressed. The numbers are ok i guess and he throws the ball hard, but they just teed off on him tonight. Everything seemed to be hit really hard, just right to OFers (plus Maybin covers so much ground, he saved three extra bases as mentioned earlier) Not sure what the problem is and why he was hit so hard his fastball was consisitently in the 92-95 MPH and that slider is nice. If he can keep it down in the zone he can be an effecting starting pitcher, but obviously he is letting to many balls stay up in the zone. To be fair though the other team seemed to be all left handed hitters...that may have been a difference.


That's my quick summary of what I saw tonight, let me know if you have any questions...

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Couple things I forgot: Maybin got caught in a pick off trying to steal, but was actually so fast he made it to second safe. Was pretty cool and he was jumping up and down he was so excited. Again...very animated guy.


Oh yea for any Cub fans out there: Tyler Colvin who I thought at one point was a highly rated prospect...was really, really bad in CF. Made a couple of bad plays out there and didn't look good at the plate.

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Cool, thanks for the scouting Godfather. Seems like the K's are the only thing holding Maybin back.




Since the Mudcats are in the same division I'm going to catch them anytime they play the Jacksonville Suns down here so hopefully I'll see them a few times.


I will catch them here too. I think they return in a week or so.

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