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Speed Racer

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If you have seen negative reviews for this films by so-called critics, ignore them. If you have seen a Speed Racer cartoon, you'll f-ing dig this flick! It stays very true to the cartoon's dialog and editing. If you haven't ever seen Speed Racer before, you would do well to watch one or two before checking the flick out so that you have an idea of what you are walking into. The editing and visual effects in the film are outstanding. A must see.

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Financially, it bombed. It cost about $120 million to make (not sure if that includes marketing), and it only earned $20.2 million over the weekend, with Iron Man more than doubling its earnings with a $53 million weekend.


If anything, its because the marketing sucked. It looked, honestly, like the stupidest possible movie to go and see in my eyes.

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The movie was better than the retarded cartoon, Ill say that. I just got back from it, and it wasnt so bad.


The cartoon isn't "retarded"... it's A) Old and B) translated/dubbed from Japanese... otherwise it's perfectly amusing



That would be my "oppinion" and I am allowed to have one.

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