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What can be done about the bullpen?


1. Get a starter that can go 6-7 innings, CONSISTENTLY.

2. Get a manager who understands and can comprehend some split stats...b/c it's not that difficult to figure out (looking at the #'s) who should've started the 8th inning tonight...and the answer wasn't Lindstrom.


In general, the bullpen is Top 5 in MLB, in innings pitched. We're just lucky they didn't implode sooner.


I'm not worried about the bullpen...at the end of 162 games, EVERY BULLPEN BLOWS GAMES. It just so happens we've blown about 4 on the same road trip, that's all.

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It's interesting how two weeks ago Fredi was managing the bullpen amazingly and everyone here was like ALL HAIL FREDI. This guy is a joke when it comes to in game decisions.


He brings in Pinto to throw .1 of an inning and then puts in the straightest fastball thrower (next to Farnsworth) after he gave up a running to the 8-9-1 hitters last night. Then it takes 3 consecutive hits and walk for him to take him out because hes already exhausted the bullpen.


Not to mention hes taken out starting pitchers multiple times after throwing less than 90 pitches, because they have thrown 5 innings. Can someone tell Fredi starters can go more than 5 innings. Off the top of my head, tonight with Badenhop, last start by Miller, and one start early in the year with Olsen (Olsen was in the 70s).


What he's done with this club is amazing, and as a "manager" hes grown so much in a year. As an in game manager he makes me scratch my head nightly.

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