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Quantum of Solace


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worst. bond. ever.



I think I might have missed the plot altogether, or maybe in a sense there was none.


I was not pleased. I would not go that far as to say that, but first off it was WAY too short, second off that was not James Bond at all. Daniel Craig does not look too much like Bond, so when he does not act like him either, its just not a Bond movie. Overall it was a good movie, but just not a good James Bond movie.




And if you are confused with the plot, watch a few Bond movies again. Quantum of Solace is an Ian Flemming novel, one of the movies actually based off of the books, and it is the only James Bond movie to be a sequel; it is a sequel of A View to A Kill.

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You could tell this movie was affected by the writers' strike. I've never seen a Bond movie jump around to so many locations so fast. It's also officially the shortest Bond movie ever, at just over 100 minutes.


It was not. Its a book. Its actually a short story, and sorry before up there it is actually a sequel to A View to A Kill. If you have read the books before, (I have read some of them, Im completely unfamiliar in which the order goes though) its more clear. They had the attitude right and everything... they just lacked that... James Bond "umph". Most of the recent James Bond movies were not novels, thats why some of the Pierce Brosnan ones were crappy.

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