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Tom Koehler


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Got to see this guy pitch the other night, Lou mentioned him in his May pitchers writeup as a potential future innings-eater type.


I came away pretty impressed, 7 scoreless, 6 Ks and no walks. Decent breaking stuff, fastball was sitting around 92 and he's got a cutter that he was using against lefties that looked pretty nice.


Here's a guy who in college (Stony Brook) wasn't anything to write home about, but since the Marlins drafted him he's turned into a pretty fair prospect.


23 now & he's been solid for the Suns this season (9-1, 3.22 ERA, 1.24 whip) & has a pretty good track record so far from low A to Jupiter to Jax.


He's 6'3" 236 lbs, apparently has had some weight issues in the past & that scared some teams away, but got it under control and has kept it off. Think I read he'd lost nearly 40 pounds at one point.


Not at the top of the pitching prospects but he's moving into that solid "B" group I think so keep an eye on him. For being drafted in the 18th round could have some real nice value, whether it's pen or back of the rotation guy.



Man there are a lot of guys making names for themselves in Jax this season.

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He's supposed to have a little more top end fastball speed than that, but if he wants to pitch effectively at 92, by all means.


I think he'll be the Marlins long man in a few years. That's not a knock either, just an effective 2 inning guy and a natural spot start candidate. He's effectively blocked from the rotation with the Marlins having JJ, Volstad, and West for years, and Nolasco and Anibal for 11-12. By then, Hand and James probably ready. Plus FA options, and Miller and Sanabia as darkhorse starters.


He's good and growing on me some more. Have to love the right handers with Marinez, Ceda, Sanabia, Tucker, Koehler, Cishek, and Parcell coming up the system. bullpen is scary right now, but the turnover is coming real fast.

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