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The innumerati are getting carried way


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Jerry Jones must be jealous.


About 4 days ago I first noticed Bloomberg, and now many dozens of other "news" outlets referring to our new "50,000 square foot scoreboard."




At about a 2:1 ratio, that would make it about 158' x 317'. Totally gargantuan. Nearly the height of the north (highest) roof-track. Nearly the length of the left field line. That would be great, just hang it over all of center and right field, never mind seating, who cares? Never mind that it would be too big to fit at all, anywhere.


But, reality intrudes. Apparently no one in "journalism," either writers or editors has the slightest clue about simple math. (Google "marlins 50,000 square foot scoreboard." There are already almost 30,000 references to this idiocy, they just repeat it endlessly without examination.)


Our 51' x 101' Hi-def LCD display is actually 5,151 square feet. The equivalent of a 1,358" diagonal LCD TV. A very big TV.


Our board is big, but not as big as Jerry's. The Jerry-Tron is 72' x 152' (there's two of them, back-to-back, never mind the dinky things on each end.) 10,944 square feet. 2,018" diagonal. Now, that's a really big TV.


But ours is supposed to be over 4 times that big. Never mind that the stories were off by a factor of 10.



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These ridiculous "50,000 square foot scoreboard" stories aren't hate, they actually amount to (misplaced) praise, in a sort of back-handed way.


But only because the idiots who regurgitate it are too dumb (and innumerate, they being yet more fine products of the NEA) to realize what they're putting into print under their name. If they had their druthers and theirs wits about them, they'd criticize it for being too small.

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