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WTB:2000-2004 Russell Marlins Jerseys

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Hey Guys,


Im on a mission before the Uniform change to complete my collection of Marlins jerseys. I would like to have one of each style and brand. If anyone is familiar with Marlins jerseys, great, if not ill explain what im looking for.


In 2000, MLB started adding the batter logo to the back neck of the uniform. Russell at this time also changed from the Russell"diamond collection" jock tag to the "Mlb Authentic" jock tag.


I am currently looking for the Road Jersey "with Florida and the Marlin on the front" and also the Marlins Home Vest with the Batter logo on the neck.


I am also looking for the Black alternate Jersey from 2003-2005, and the Road Jersey we wore from 2003-2005. In 2005 the Marlins switch to Majestic.


I am only looking for the jerseys that fit that description. I would prefer sizes 40, 42, 44 but am willing to take a 48 if necessary. I am willing to pay money for these jerseys but am looking for a fair price and any help compelting the current collection would be nice. I am also looking for some of the newer jerseys, Here is the complete list of the jerseys i need.


Road Jersey "with Florida and the Marlin on the front"

Black alternate Jersey from 2003-2005 Home Vest with the Batter logo on the neck

Road Jersey we wore from 2003-2005

Marlins Home Majestic Size 40-44

Marlins Blk Coolbase with shoulder patch size 40-44

Current Marlins Road jersey Coolbase size 40-44


Any help would be great guys. Thanks

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Did a Getty image just to make sure and the batter logo was worn in 2002 for sure. Thanks for the reply though.


In 2000 the whole league started wearing the batter log except when the American flag was added to the back neck for a while after 9/11.


I have yet to see a retail or game worn throwback from 07. I would love to eg one.

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