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Now I can't really speak for The Show series at this point since I haven't played it since 2007 [i have a 360 so I play the God-awful 2K series ...] but, is it just me, or is it nearly impossible [very rare] to pull home runs with lefties? I'm playing through a season on franchise mode and Logan Morrison has 25 homers, but only about 2 or 3 have been to right field. Chris Coghlan has 2 homers, both to left. John Baker has 1 homer [being a backup and all], which was to left. I signed Cliff Floyd from the FA list and he has 3 homers, 2 to left. Has anyone else noticed this or do I just suck with lefty batters?


[Josh Johnson has 1 homer ... to right field oddly enough.]



EDIT - also one other thing I noticed - it's the power hitters that seem to always have the high averages in this game, as well as better contact swings. For instance - with Chris Coghlan, his Contact vs. RHP has a rating of 79, whereas John Buck has somewhere in the mid 50s, but whenever I use contact swings with Coghlan, he hits soft grounders either to the 2nd baseman [inside] or third baseman [outside]. Every now and then I'll get him to hit one out of the infield [somehow his average has stayed over .280...] but it's pretty ridiculous...


EDIT 2 - Anyone else have problems locating 2-seamers? I want to have it end on the inside corner but it either lands right where I placed the ball or down the middle / out of the zone [RHP vs LHB].

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I know from playing RTTS in The Show 09 that quite a few HR's by lefties are pulled. However I am a pitcher so on the receiving end of the damage, but I can vivdly recall the presentation that is put on in terms of a different camera angle as soon as a no-doubter is hit.


Well I did mean player controlled LHBs heh.

Yeah, the CPU can pull homers all night long as lefties, no problem. Just I can't do it often.

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