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Yikes.......the grammar is terrible on that page. The NY Mets ARE not the NY Mets IS ! Sorry to be a grammar Nazi but that was just too distracting !


the TEAM that is the METS is... not going to make the playoffs.

it sounds weird. but yeah, it's correct.

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Yikes.......is there a program that forces that page to use bad grammar ?



Unfortunately and I'd do them by hand but then I'd lose my mind. I just try and ignore the grammar.


okay sorry but that was, BLING BLING BLING and it took away from reading it........sorry about that.

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I never knew we had this. I think it's pretty cool.


Regarding the grammar- Notice that the subject/verb agreement is right for the Marlins. This is because it is programmed to use the city/state as the subject of the sentence which is in the singular (requiring the verb "is"). However, the Mets are an exception to this because there are two New York teams, so the team name had to be added after the city. If the Marlins were playing Philadelphia or Atlanta, the verb would usage would presumably be correct.

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