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Fun, weird movie pairing ideas [fun thread]


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Alright, let's have some fun and pair up a couple of actors or actresses, or a mix, that would be weird / awesome / horrible on screen.


I'll start.



Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera as twins.



And also the most f***tastically awkward.

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el penguino & Dr. Beinfest.




el penguino is an innocent angel, and the only reason this happened is because grumpy Beinfest's butt was penetrated by him in the last discussion so he sought retribution by at first arguing to argue and then seized the opportunity to pick a fight when the time was right by objecting to the word of penguino! In the midst, penguino brought all of these characteristics out to his audience, and shamed Beinfest by showing his clear lack of intellect as to what penguino perceived must have been a joke. But Beinfest would not stop, and the King Penguin decided enough was enough, and since peasant Beinfest would not bow down, Penguin must make it public as to how atrocious Beinfest was acting in attempts to deface the logic of the King and master of logic himself, el penguino.

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